Paramount Bay Miami

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Paramount Bay Miami

People that have been looking for the most outstanding real estate options will find that Paramount Bay Miami is one of today’s superior real estate options that will provide people with the perfect fusion between “city living” mixed with all of the finest elements found within a relaxing beach home: outstanding private residences, first-class amenities and features, and all of the perks that come with such an ideal location within Miami.
The sophisticated cool concept found within Paramount Bay has been delicately put together by the highly talented Lenny Kravitz who is behind the Kravitz Design Inc. There is no doubt that such an amazing concept will be the long-lasting source of absolute luxury and satisfaction that people seek within Miami.
Paramount Bay Miami is definitely one of the most attractive infrastructures in the city as its 47-story building designed by Arquitectonica is surrounded by such fresh landscaping and other outdoor features that make it an ideal oasis for people from all walks of life.
Indeed, Paramount Bay Miami is one of the few great places where people can expect to find the most amazing waterfront private residences that are found within one of the most beautiful locations in the region today. Of course, the fact that every aspect of Paramount Bay Miami has been designed to provide such richness and elegance makes it a perfect option for luxury property buyers who seek the best that Miami has to offer.
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paramount bay miami

Paramount Bay Miami is located at 2066 North Bayshore Drive.

The fact that it is located in Midtown Miami’s Biscayne Corridor which happens to be one of the best neighborhoods within the region today makes it perfect for people who wish to engage in a lifestyle that is sophisticated in every possible way.

Paramount Bay Miami will make it easy for you regardless of whether you are looking to indulge in the community’s range of options which include shopping, arts and culture, sports, dining and even nightlife happenings.

People will have the Adrienne Arsht Center and the American Airlines Arena in the neighborhood to cater to their entertainment and sports needs while the nearby Design District will provide shoppers with the best boutiques from all around the world. West from Paramount Bay Miami is the Wynwood Arts District where creativity runs wild with arts exhibits and gallery openings. Also, the Rubell Family Collection and Bakehouse Art Complex will be a great place to savor all of the amazing pieces of art made by talented individuals from all over the world.

No matter what the mood may be, Paramount Bay Miami ensures that there are great options to indulge in which are found with such close proximity, thanks to the ideal location of Paramount Bay Miami.